Ask Anissa: Ideas for St Patricks Day & Small Children?

by Anissa on March 1, 2012

Ask Anissa: The last few years I have heard so many cute ideas for small children for us moms to put together and I wondered if you had a favorite or some examples so that I can use to create my own version from. Shannon T., Tulsa, OK

Answer: I actually found one the other day that I really like and it can be used for younger and older children. This cute picture above is from tHe fiCkLe pickle.

Here is tHe fiCkLe pickle blog post about how her cute little family celebrates St. Patrick’s Day.

Here are a bunch of other cute ideas that you may like:

The Activity Mom: St. Patrick's Day Activities


St. Patrick's Day Activities. With an Irish crew at home, St. Patrick's Day is always a fun holiday for us! Recently, during a Dollar Tree shopping spree, I lucked out and found the perfect pack of shamrocks. They are sold in sets

St. Patrick's Day Jewelry Crafts for Girls


St. Patrick's Day is a great holiday for crafting with the girls in your life, and the Shamballa Bracelet are fun projects to celebrate this holiday. Try these St. Patrick's Day jewelry crafts with the girls you care about this holiday!

Fun St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids


Looking for stories, crafts and activities to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with kids? Here are the top ideas to celebrate this much loved Irish holiday! St. Patrick's Day Story – What is St. Patrick's Day? St. Patrick's Day is celebrated.

St. Patrick's Day Mini Theme for Kids (Part 1)! | The Preschool


Our next few posts will contain the contents for a St. Patrick's Day “Mini Thematic Unit” for Preschool and Kindergarten. Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with young children can be a lot of FUN! Remember to keep facts simple, but

And, a few more fun places to check out:

All of these blogs/websites have fun ideas, I hope this helps!

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