Vintage Scrapbooking

Definition: Using up all the old scrapbooking products that you have in your stash!  And, not having to go out and buy all the new stuff, unless its used to incorporate into your vintage scrapbooking layout!

For more information on Vintage Scrapbooking see the following sites: Anissa’s Blog and Sunny’s Blog



  • A means to express our faith. 
  • A journey of faith 
  • The ability to capture life’s lessons that teaches us. 
  • A way to remember God’s faithfulness and presence in our daily lives. 
  • An eternal legacy for our children 
  • A witnessing tool 
  • An incredible, permanent reminder of our God Moments and His hand in our lives. 
  • Obedience to God’s command to remember what he has done for us. (Ps. 78:4) 
  • Scripture, Thoughts, Prayers, Blessings, Memories, Letters, and Stories combined with our photographs to always remember our personal and spiritual journey with the Lord.
  • For more information on FaithBooking see and

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    Sharon October 5, 2011 at 7:50 am

    Can vintage scrapbooking cover other time periods other than Victorian?

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