Flower Arrangements

The Language of Flowers
Take a cue from the Victorian custom of communicating with flowers and craft a bouquet rich with personal sentiment.

Reception Centerpiece Arrangements
Set the mood for your post-nuptials party with flowers. Consider the mood you want to establish — are you going for a modern vibe or a classic feel? Flower choice, design, and placement will help you create the perfect atmosphere for your first soiree as a couple.

Grocery Store Bouquets


Grab a few bouquets of zinnias in multiple colors for a playful, low arrangement:

• Gather the blooms of one color in your hand to form a pleasing mound.
• Add a single contrasting-color bloom to the center.
• Secure with a rubber band and place in a vase.
• Feed in blooms of another color to form an outer ring and fill the vase.
• Place a bit of greenery, such as bleeding heart foliage, around the outer edge for added contrast

Classic Flower Arrangements http://www.bhg.com/bhg/slideshow/slideShow.jsp?sssdmh=dm17.269628&slideid=/templatedata/bhg/slideshow/data/1179942380810.xml&esrc=nw10df6&email=1281715873
A classic mixed-flower arrangement doesn’t have to be difficult — use your intuition (and our easy instructions) to arrange gorgeous bouquets.
Make an impressive flower arrangement on your own. Just start with cohesive color scheme (we chose pinks in every shade).
– Start by arranging the flowers in your hand, placing the larger flowers near the base of the group.
– Pay attention to height and shape by arranging taller lilac stems near the top and back.
– Lightly bind the stems with twine and place in a vase.
– Fill in the gaps with sweet peas or other small blooms.
– Insert a few leaves of greenery near the bottom to form a casual “rim” for the arrangement.

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