Paper Jamz Amps – Things You Should Know Before Buying A Paper Jamz Amp

by Anissa on November 25, 2010

His friends got Paper Jamz instruments as well, and they decided to play together just like a real band. Of course they needed to have a louder sound so I picked up the Paper Jamz Amp for him.

I know my audio systems, and when I saw this amp I thought to myself “cardboard”? But, what the heck, I’m already surprised with the Paper Jamz Guitar and it’s only $15… actually, the best $15 I’ve spent in a long time.

Paper Jamz Amp is lightweight, only 12x4x11 inches, it has a handle on the top just like a real amp, and can easily be carried around by a child. The amp can easily fill a room in the house with sound, and can last quite a long time running on 4 AAA batteries. Paper Jamz Amps look just like the real thing, and come in four different styles for your little one to pick from. Like all Paper Jamz products, these amps are made mostly of cardboard, but still put out a very good sound.

It easily plugs into the Paper Jamz Guitar and the Paper Jamz Drum Set for that rock n’ roll experience! And, with a standard 3.5mm jack as an input, you can also plug in an iPod, an mp3 player, even your laptop, and use the amp as an external speaker. The amp is made with a perfect combination of technology and play, and this add-on will give you and your kids an instant rocker experience just like a pro.

I must say, I am impressed; their Paper Jamz products keep surprising me, and the Paper Jamz Amp is a must for every guitar and drum set. It lets your child enjoy their music at full blast. Your kids can hold a private mini concert for your family and friends to watch. What could be more fun than watching your child playing the rock star? My son and his friends practice almost every day, and I can hear them improving…it won’t be long before they’re playing for bigger audiences!

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