Holy Stable Interview with Author Heidi Hanseen

by Anissa on December 10, 2010

I caught up with Author and Mother Heidi Hanseen and asked her some questions about her new book. Below you will find out a bit about what went into the making of the book and play and then below it is a little more “story” for you. Check out Heidi’s site HolyStable.com and to purchase her book visit Amazon.

AskAnissa: As a mother of eight children, how did you find the time to create and publish your book.

Heidi: I’m sure you all know that motherhood is synonymous with time-balancing. Like most of you, I have to “selectively neglect.” You have to set aside a lot of things. But, the one thing I don’t neglect is taking time each day to have a bit of a personal devotional. That prepares me to properly prioritize and act on inspiration about what most needs my attention. Nurturing children is very important. The feeling that I needed to nurture our Christmas experience and build some spiritual traditions was a primary reason behind my creating Holy Stable™ Celebrate the Miracle, Story, Music, Nativity Play.

AskAnissa: What inspired you to create a complete Nativity play package? You have everything needed for a community play or an intimate family reenactment.

Heidi: For a long time I had wanted to come up with a Nativity Play. As much as I appreciated the story as it was usually portrayed, I felt there was more to be valued and gained from the roles of Mary and Joseph and from the Jesus’ birth.

I began with the story. Then, as the author coaching I received from Richard Paul Evans and Robert G. Allen focused on adding value to our projects, I wrote the lullaby which Joseph sings to Mary. In conferencing with Joycebelle, a favorite trainer, she presented the idea for combining a Nativity Play with the story and the music I had been working on. That presented an exciting challenge and was a perfect fit for what I hoped to share and accomplish.

AskAnissa: What made you decide to have 4 different versions of the music?

Heidi: Having four different versions of the sound made it possible to meet a variety of needs, talents and different sized groups. For example the listening version may be enjoyed in the car while traveling or used for young children to act out without much adult direction. If you want to bring in your own voices and singers, the minus tracks are what you use. You can include as many angels, inn guests, animals and shepherds as you like, so it adapts to your circumstances. The practice tracks provided are also important and you don’t need any instruments or trained musicians to successfully pull it off.

AskAnissa: How has sharing the nativity play brought the Christmas spirit into your home?

Heidi: I think it’s important to share that my children aren’t what some may consider the most “conforming” children—excited to go along with whatever spiritual traditions mom feels inclined to impose upon them. Socializing and sports consumed a typical Christmas holiday. Spiritual events were at the bottom of the wish list.

A highlight for me in creating Celebrate the Miracle is that the children have been involved in so many ways. I hadn’t planned it like that, but it happened along the way. For example I had tried three narrators and none inspired the feeling I was looking for. One day I heard my daughter in her room reading and it struck me that her voice was the one! That ironically was shortly after I had been instructed by an agent, to never mention the involvement of “my daughter,” or “my son,” etc. My daughter brought a magic to the narration that no one else had.

My teenage son, who at first balked at the idea of putting on a costume, quickly changed his mind when I pointed at him and half-jokingly said, “YOU are the donkey!” It’s been great having them participate and be part of it. I feel like the spirit and excitement of the Nativity experience has rubbed off in the process.

AskAnissa: If someone were to put on their own meaningful and memorable nativity play, besides Holy Stable™, what other things would they need?

Heidi: It’s fun to have a few costumes and simple props. They can be extremely improvised and simple and still be fun. You can involve children by allowing them to help pick out fabrics and help make simple headdresses. I give a lot of suggestions and tips for pulling it all together in the down-loadable script. A CD player is needed for the music. The link is also available for MP3. Above all you need someone with a camera so you can capture your fun memories. And when you do, please share those with us at www.HolyStable.com

Newly Released, Holy Stable™ Celebrate the Miracle: Story, Music, Nativity Play, is not only a charming illustrated book, it’s a story set to original music with narration on CD and coordinated with a versatile play. It’s created with varied circumstances and personalities in mind. You may read, listen, or act out the play. There’s no need for your own instruments and is designed to be used with or without your own vocal talent. Four versions make it easier than ever to host your own play.

Richard Paul Evans, New York Times Best-Selling author of, The Christmas Box, had this to say about Holy Stable™, “As one who loves Christmas stories, I always make myself familiar with what’s on the Christmas tables at the bookstores at Christmas time. Holy Stable™ by Heidi Hanseen is a beautiful edition for any home at Christmas time, to help bring the spirit into your home.”

The well-performed Celtic harp, flute, violin, vocals and child’s narration, capture a new glimpse of love from the timeless event, while remaining true to the message of Jesus’ birth. Holy Stable™ Celebrate the Miracle . . . is a great way to bring the spirit and will be refreshing to those of you who’ve already made it a tradition to celebrate Christmas around the Nativity story.

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Nathan December 10, 2010 at 10:13 am

Our family does the traditional nativity play every year at our family Christmas party, I love this idea, and cant wait to talk to the rest of the family about using Holy Stable at our family party this year.

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