GiveAways & Reviews

Sponsoring a giveaway in conjunction with a review on Ask Anissa is a far-reaching and inexpensive way to get the word out about your product. The inner workings of the giveaways are (relatively) simple.

• At the bottom of the review, it will be noted that the company of the product being reviewed has opted to give a product to a lucky, lucky reader.
• The lucky, lucky reader is determined at random. We condone bribery, but only when it’s necessary to get our kids out of the Dollar Stop at Target before the store closes. It will, however, put a smile on our face which is almost as good as receiving a giveaway. After all, do unto others.
• In order to be entered into the giveaway, readers must, at minimum, leave a comment on the post. In some cases, a general comment is all it takes. In other cases, companies ask that entrants leave a comment about what feature of their product is most appealing, where they look forward to using the product, or some other related comment that generates specific interest in the product itself.
• In most cases, entrants can receive additional entries by advertising the giveaway on their Twitter account, following AskAnissa on Twitter, advertising the giveaway on their personal Facebook account and/or advertising the giveaway on their personal blog. If the sponsoring company wishes for entrants to be able to receive only one entry per person, we may not understand their request, however we will honor it.
• If the sponsoring company agrees, readers may gain one additional entry by becoming a fan of the sponsoring company through the company’s Facebook page.
• Entrants must be 18 years or older.
• Winners are determined by random drawing using We enter a number between 1 and the total number of entrants to any given giveaway. Number one (1) represents the first commenter in chronological order. The larger number represents the last commenter in chronological order. This may seem like too detailed information. We think so too. But we’ve learned that it’s important to be very clear on these sorts of details.
• The sponsoring company is responsible for shipping the product to the giveaway recipient. If the sponsoring company is only willing to ship the product domestically, or only willing to ship to, say, Timbuktu, they must let us know in advance so that we can specify that in the post.
• Recipients will NOT be notified by email. Recipients’ names will be posted in subsequent posts and on the Giveaway page. It is the responsibility of the recipients to contact us at within thirty (30) days.
• Entrants are encouraged to use an identifiable handle when posting a comment. In other words, there are a lot of Johns and Janes out there. If you post as such, it may be hard to distinguish which John or Jane will receive the giveaway.
• Ask Anissa will forward the giveaway recipient’s information on to the sponsoring company, who will be responsible for shipping the product to the reader in a timely manner. Class of shipping is at the discretion of the sponsoring company.
• Giveaway recipients must contact Ask Anissa within 30 (thirty) days of the naming of the recipient on Failure to do so many result in forfeit of the giveaway.

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