We all discover and unearth important craft & hobby truths as we follow our passions and create lasting memories. 

I am inspired by all the many talented women throughout the Craft & Hobby industry. There are many women and men that I could name and you would recognize their names, but, I am equally inspired and “in awe”  over all of you who create and share your talents on your blogs and personal websites.

If you are just beginning your artistic journey or if you are somewhere along your journey, please stop by often and share your ideas and/or your questions here with us!

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Geraldine Jozefiak December 11, 2007 at 3:52 am

Hi Anissa
Perhaps I can help you answer some of your readers queries – or submit some articles for you? As a fellow teacher and blogger I’ve been writing and sharing crafts with others for some time now. Knowledge was never meant to be in a vacuum.
I’ve also got another site on http://www.the-craft-teacher.com where readers can learn about crafts, and a Greeting card site at http://greetingcardguide.com

Best wishes,
Geraldine Jozefiak

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